Saturday, December 27, 2008

New loot

We went to the local thrift shop and man does that place get packed. They're only open on Saturday mornings and only on Saturdays that don't have a holiday in that week. I can say, I have never gone in and come out empty handed. They have tons of stuff. Of all kinds. These are a few things I snapped up. All the usual little old ladies must've been having a shin-dig some where cause none of them were at the linen shelves elbowing me to death. I made a killing on fabric! These are just a few favorites. I was delighted with finding the big piece of velvet. Not sure what I'll make of it yet. The little blue bird is one of my favorite birds-the Wren. So adorable. And isn't that mug so Watership Down-ish? Love that. And made in England. Love it! And I've always wanted salt and pepper shakers just like those. Jack-pot :) I really love my little stool. So cute!

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