Saturday, December 27, 2008

New loot

We went to the local thrift shop and man does that place get packed. They're only open on Saturday mornings and only on Saturdays that don't have a holiday in that week. I can say, I have never gone in and come out empty handed. They have tons of stuff. Of all kinds. These are a few things I snapped up. All the usual little old ladies must've been having a shin-dig some where cause none of them were at the linen shelves elbowing me to death. I made a killing on fabric! These are just a few favorites. I was delighted with finding the big piece of velvet. Not sure what I'll make of it yet. The little blue bird is one of my favorite birds-the Wren. So adorable. And isn't that mug so Watership Down-ish? Love that. And made in England. Love it! And I've always wanted salt and pepper shakers just like those. Jack-pot :) I really love my little stool. So cute!

Tiny feet

My very first pair of socks! And they're so tiny. Try as I might I could not even get a row knitted without lots of melt-downs so I caved and bought a sort of knitting cheater do-dad. It's a circle with little pins coming out that you wrap the yarn around and then pick over. It's been fun but I'd like to learn to do more(with real needles. Mine are currently jammed in a pot holding up a potted plant). There once was a time when I could knit a pretty wicked square. Will I ever get it back?


My stash of wool for needle felting has been hit. There were no witnesses but we have our suspicions.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Favorite

Avian trend, I love you. This little beauty was plucked from Larissa's etsy shop.

Paper Carnations

I miss our joyful flowers in their sleeping beds, tucked away for the cold and dark of winter, so I decided to make my own out of paper, a bit of pipe cleaner and a marker. I think they came out pretty nice. I put only a few in a tall glass vase rather than stuffing too many together.

Some roses from a Martha Stewart kit were also put together. They are just lovely but were a bit time consuming. I snapped the photo weeks ago when we finally had a brief show of sunshine. A few hours of sunlight in about... a month. Yes, a month. And that's typical for this area at this time of year. *sigh

Still a few months yet til real flowers will appear in my garden. And then slowly the bumble bees, butterflies and the barn swallows, oh the barn swallows, will return at long last.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your skin is your largest organ

Did you know that? So take care of it! I discovered Burt's Bees some years ago and have been a constant customer. My mom faithfully ships me my bursting order from Texas all the way across the Atlantic. It's the most anticipated of all care packages I get from home and this year Burt's Bees has a few new products that I can't wait to try out! Here are a few of my long time favorites that have soothed, healed and calmed my rowdy skin.

The royal jelly eye creme is so yummy. Pat in under your eyes before bed and you'll wake up to the softest lids ever.

If I could only take one cosmetic to a deserted island hands down it would be the evening primrose overnight cream. The rosehip seed oil, avocado and sesame oil make it sound like a tasty dinner!

I like dresses

I'm wearing this one today. I just got it and I think it needs to be taken in a bit at the waist. Or maybe I'll just add a skinny belt. I may need the extra width in the future ;-) I can't wait to wear it this summer with some cool boots.

It's beginning to look...

A lot like winter. Ick. I don't like the cold. Nor the darkness. I long for warm sand between my toes... so I curl up in my sea of pillows and blankets and dogs and cats to escape the winter. I hibernate. In these (c/o Victoria's Secret).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So we went thrifting today...

And here are some of my treasures! An off-white blouse for about 3dollars. The tags are cut out but I'm pretty sure it's H&M.
(Yes, embarrassingly I do have an iron.)

I'm so in love with my little rococo framed ducky.

The little black wire basket will be for collecting eggs.
I'll probably fill the tiny silver cup with more buttons and send to my mom:)
I'm totally digging this fox coat hanger. It's old Ikea and I've so far collected a cottontail, fawn and now this little guy. They remind so much of Beatrix Potter.
These 5 vintage plates caught my eye sitting amongst the rif-raf of the plate community. I have oodles of small plates but I thought these were so cool. And perfect for serving drop-in guests with brownies!


Acorns! These are needle felted and then glued into the caps. A very simple and fun project!

Friday, December 5, 2008

How fabulous is this dress! Ah, tiny bird print, feminine, and simple. It doesn't get any better. Scoot on over to the etsy shop to snap it up before I do!

Latest Addition

Meet Flexie. She'll be coming home with us this Sunday. Hopefully :)
She's 10 and being bullied at the cat shelter so we felt she deserved better. I think we're gonna call her Lexi though.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're thinking of adopting this little lady. Her name is Tiara. :)

Howdy y'all

So this is what it feels like. My first post on my first blog.